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My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy in June of this year. She had her first seizure the day after school ended for the year. She has had a total of 11 seizures since June. They have her on 750mg of depakote 2x a day and 500mg of Keppra in the morning and 1000mg of Keppra at night. She has been sad lately and she said her moods can be so extreme. I feel bad because it is upsetting her that she cannot get her license yet and all of her friends are. Does anyone have a child on both depakote and Keppra? If so, are their moods off? I really don't want her to be an experiment with medicine.

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Hi, so sorry you are on this roller coaster.  My son (3 at the time) was on Keppra - it did make him moody for sure and our doc said to use B6 and it really helped. 


Many on this board use it with Keppra.  He is now off the Keppra but on the Depakote and is OK with moodiness (well, he is 3.5 so the usual toddler moodiness exists).  Check out the B6.

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