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Cerefolin was prescribed to me by my Psychiatrist.  This drug is suppose to help cognitive memory.  I am not sure what to do with it for a couple reasons.  First, my insurance won't cover it!  This is the first drug that was ever turned down by my insurance company.  Second, I am not sure if my psychiatrist knows enough about why I have so much trouble with my cognitive memory.  It's not because I am old, but because the area that controls it was removed in my TL surgery.  I looked at summary page of the surgery medical records to ask if they believe this medicine could still help me.  What was removed from my brain was the temporal gyri, medial and lateral occipitatemproal gyri and temporal gyrus (whatever that means) Also a large portion of the amygdala and all of right hippocampus.    Do you think taking this prescription (strong vitamin B I think)  could even help if that area is damaged or no longer there??????   Laura

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You said that you think the drug is a prescription strength vitamin B. If that is true, can't you just take an additional OTC vitamin supplement? I take a multivitamin and have taken additional vitamin B supplements in the past, B6 in particular, but not for memory. Ask your pharmacist if its active ingredient is vitamin B, and they probably have a recommendation, or you can ask your doctor to prescribe something that is or can be covered by your insurance.


Also, many drug companies have manufacturer cards to take a discount of of each refill (usually for about 12 refills) and you can get another after if you want to continue on it. I'm not sure if this applies to this drug, but there are also all sorts of drug programs that can discount prescriptions that aren't covered by your regular insurance. I take prescription strength folic acid, which my insurance doesn't cover, so I use a generic prescription discount program I found either online or in a magazine. I brought in several, and my pharmacist checked to see which would make it cheapest.

I am not as worried about it not being covered by my insurance.  I found out that I can get it for $40 a month instead of $90.  I have no problem with this.  It is kinda like a fight between doctors telling me if it would work or not.  My thought is.....If it is something that could help me, why would not one of the doctors during my memory rehab. prescribe it to me in the past 2 years????  I asked the question to the nurse of the surgeon and was told that it would not help me.  I read the brochure that came with it and it is written most about how it helps cognitive memory.  It is usually taken by elderly people with Alzeimers on the way.  I was just having a hard time believing that it could help me when the area to be helped is damaged or taken out in my brain.  I have given up on trying to get it filled.  At first I was ready to try anything that could possibly help me.  Laura

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