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hi I've just this last month been diagnosed with partial complex seizure disorder. I have couple questions. The first one is about my place of work, my last seizure was real bad and before i started work. So I missed 3 days and I went to the department store and asked to take a leave of absence so I could relax and have the thousand and one tests the doctors told me i needed done. I was denied because i've only been with the company for 11 months not a year. My doctor also suggested that i get off the night shift of 10-7, so when i asked to be moved for health reasons they then responded with if i had restrictions or another seizure the store would no longer need my services. My question is are they allowed to do that? Fire me because of a health condition? My next question is I'm having a lot of i think there called auroras. They seem to be progressing from 1 or 2 every couple days to 3 or 4 a night what could this mean, is it possible that another big seizure is coming? The doctor has me on topiramate but it just makes me horribly ill. I've also have been sleeping more like 24 hours straight! I had one incident the other night but i dont know if it was a seizure or what. Here's what happenedthe other night i was sleeping and when i woke up my dream i was having (about being late for work) i started screaming at him that we where late and why didnt he wake me up and he told me that it was friday i was off andit was only 430pm and he said that i kept talking but he couldnt make out what i was saying and took me back to bed the only part i remember though about the incident is waking up from the dream. So if any one could answer my questions that would be wonderful. thanks lee

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I don't have a lot of legal expertise, but from what I read from eariler posts, your employer cannot fire you based on your medical condition. You have rights that protect you from losing your job because of a medical condition, but since I don't know the fine details, you may need to talk to a lawyer or look up the rules and regulations regarding the work place.
yeah, the doctor told me to watch my stress levels and my employer tells me that! stress what stress lol! Well I was going to start being trained for Management before my seizure and now the store is "too busy" to send me.
I agree with BUS 374, they shouldn't be able to fire you just because you have a medical condition (especially if they knew about it before hand.) You should take action & find a lawyer & talk about your rights, because that's not right at all. If your medicine makes you terribly ill, you should call your doctor immediately & get it changed. When you talked about have aura's up to 3 & 4 nights a wk, & since you work nights, you just might be over doing it or something. My aura's have been happening more frequently as well, but I always change up my routine, to see at least if they stop or calm down. I hope that helped :)
Much love,
No I was just diagnosed in the last couple weeks of April and I've been working there since last June and about the doctor I can't get a hold of him. I've talked to the receptionists three times since Thursday and I never get a return call from her or him. It's like pulling teeth.
My most recent story:

I worked with a Utah state health agency starting in April of 2008. It was the first job that I truly enjoyed since the part-time, work study position I held in college. Everybody knew I have partial seizures since week one of my employment there, I never wanted to keep a secret. After I had been there for nine months I was called up to the fifth floor to have a chat regarding the speed and accuracy of my work performance, and two months ago I was called up there to be told to never come back. The last time I saw my two employers I flat out asked them if I could blame the lack of speed and accuracy on my near daily partial seizures. I have never done that before. The answer I received from both women was yes, and they advised me to run to the government for SSDI help. I was not fired because I have epilepsy, I was fired because of what epilepsy is doing to me. I know I've never held a job longer than a year since college, and I've been "pretty sure" it's because these seizures impact my work performance, but something happens when you hear it from an employer...
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thanks for the info Michael I appreciate it. yeah the company i work for would die if someone like a lawyer showed up! Considering it was the stores owner that told me. I plan on calling my capitol building in the morning and see what they can do. I dont know how to email from this site my email is leeannboozer@hotmail.com yeah my doctor told me to watch my stress so that puts me more at ease.
no, absolutely not. you can not be terminated because you have epilepsy. under the ADA they are not legally allowed ot fire you solely based upon your condition. if they try file a lawsuit for wrongful termination.
How long might such a lawsuit take?
it all depends on the company that you work for and how they went about terminating you. if the company is big and they intend on fighting it which is probably the case then it might take you over a year(all depends on how good your case is, but your lawyer will tell you how good of a case you have). also it depends on how big the docket is on in your circuit. i would say that you have to wait about 6 months before your case is heard. after everything is said and done, it might take 9 months.
I am so sorry this happened to you...but based on my limited experience, when I ws diagnosed with temporal lobe epi. and told I couldn't drive for six months (at least) I was suddenly "unemployed."

Now, three years later, the local hospital won't even let me do volunteer work as they are afraid of liability issues (even though I "just" have partial seizures now.)

Still awaiting word from the American Red Cross and United Way to see if they're interested in a "damaged" volunteer.

They haven't returned my calls.

It's unfair.

yeah i prolly shouldnt say this but i actually work for walmart and i have noticed and been told im not performing like i use to

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