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Although i've been epileptic my whole life, my seizure pattern changed dramatically about 8 years ago and i was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy with complex and simple partial seizures.  Before i was the type of person and was the peace maker, never fought, quiet, etc. Now i can be walking along and something can just set me off, road rage, something a person is doing, someone looking at me the wrong way,if someone is loud, etc.  I've read in books at anger in epileptics most commonly associated with complex partial epilepsy, even calling it a personality trait, i was just wondering if anyone else had these problem.  

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Were there any changes in medications or dosage levels when the personality changes occurred?

I have experienced some changes in emotions or sensitives since a change in medications. They are mild, but have definitely occurred (at least I notice them).
As it was already said, temporal lobe epilepsy can be a part of it. Especially if the focus is in/near the amygdala-which controls emotions. I know mine was partially in there, and I'm not sure if it has gotten worse after they removed some of it or not.
I'm currently on topamax and keppra, very very high dosages of both drugs. i have seen psychologists, I have been on and am currently on anti depressents although my doc hessitates since it usually induces seizures in my case along with causing a horrible drop in sex drive, which has already ruined one marriage, working on the other. people dont understand, atleast people that dont have our condition. the side effects our worse than the seizures! I was told i have an extremely rare form of epilepsy. both temporal lobes are scared, which happened during fetal development. i'm not an option for surgery. i'll be on meds till i die. anti depressants induce seizures. psychologists just tell me to cheer up. i have very few options. to sum up the feeling, its like when you see little kid get into the ally fight with the bully and he actually wins and he just dosent stop hitting. thats my anger. one of these days i'm just going to get into that fight and i'm afraid i'm not going to be able to stop hitting.
I am EXACTLY the same. I'm told that my Lamictal medication is the cause of it. One time my friend at work made a PMS joke (I am male) and I almost punched him I got so upset. The trick is when you get mad, recognize it, then set it aside. It sounds stupid, but it works. When I get mad at work, I isolate myself to calm down. This will never go away for me... it's just something I've come to accept and deal with it accordingly. Good luck my friend.
I am on Keppra and lamictal, im on a high dose of Keppra and my dr. is having me increase my dose of lamictal over the next 6 weeks. i noticed a change in my mood when i was put on Keppra, and it was not a good change. I sometimes think the side effects from the meds are worse than my seizures, however when i mention this to others who dont have E. they think im crazy. my neuro put me on a low dose of zoloft, which has helped some. I often have to remove myself due to anger and anxiety. Noise is a huge trigger for me and large crowds. It also happens when im about to have a seizure.For me its the huge doses of meds and the effect of that tons of seizures had on my brain.My husband has a hard time with me sometimes, i am wound so tight that i jump out of my skin when he just reaches out to hug me, and i get angry. its not fair to him but he knows its not me.I find that the only thing that calms me is solitude, usually my bedroom. Keppra has a reputation for causing mood swings, thats an understatment in my case, so being on zoloft is worth it and my neuro. put me on it and it hasnt caused an increase in my seizure activity, but everyone is different. I also cut out artificial sugars and caffeine. Dont know if this helps you at all, but you are not alone in your anger.
My son was very happy to see me go off Keppra after the surgery. He said he was afraid to talk to me at times. Later when I thought about going from Dilantin back to Keppra, my epi said no and gave me the same reason - he didn't like my mood. Now that I'm off meds totally, I can see just how much they controlled my attitude.

Bethany Hahlbeck said:
...however when i mention this to others who dont have E. they think im crazy.

I got the same response the other day from my friend. "Stop blaming your epilepsy. You're just a moody person. I've never heard of any disorder causing such strong mood swings except for pregnancy or something." I showed him this very discussion thread and he apologized. Ha!

Psychosocial effects of epilepsy cause feelings of anger. Am I hitting the nail on the head? Did you face alot of social issues regarding epilepsy?

The Epilepsy Resource Center thanks everyone for sharing their stories with the community and we look forward to hearing from you again. 


Mary Ann Thornton

The Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Resource Center          

I'm on 3000mg. Keppra daily and 400mg. Lamictal daily.  Growing up the way I did with parents that split when I was 2.  I had a lot of time to teach myself to control my emotions (my wife hated that part of me).  I was diagnosed with E about 4 years ago now and went in for surgery about 2.5 years ago.  Still on meds.  Now my wife was the firs to notice that I was having these bad mood swings and was quick to the draw when it came to irritability.  Once she was able to confront me with it, I was able to take a step back if I felt myself getting angry.  Now I've always been proud of my emotional control and had a problem with not being able to fully control it.  Like I said, now I can take a step back and re-access my feelings and deal with it.  Like Bethany said, solitude is a great help for me also.  Having the quiet and relaxation makes me feel so much better.  Sometimes I even turn off the lights if possible.  I can drive again since June '09 and love the quiet drive to and from work.  Sometimes the kids drive me nuts on the way to taking them to work and I find myself saying "Just be calm, don't get mad because they are fighting and crying and all".  Afterwards, I think it is really quite funny.  I think of all those comercials and television shows with thes moms all frazzled from the kids and the crazyness.  Definitely try removing yourself from the place of anger, walk away from people and go to a quiet place with nobody around you.  Having that control really helps.  I think it will help out with your feelings.  Hope our ideas help out.





I'm  Frontal and Right temporal lobe/  Partial complex.   4000 mgs Keppra and 1200 mgs Trileptal.  I don't know where my anger issues arise from but I think the psychological damage done  by having seizures 55 years is part of it.  I was told that I need a Therapist even more than a Neurologist, because Seizures are half the problem and mood swings, depression and other psychological  issues.  Boredom, Lonliness, Depression,  all jump on me at once as if they work together.  I've lived so long with them and I've sort of just adjusted and accepted that my life cannot and will not be like my 5 brothers and sisters who can do anything they want. So I seemed to have formed a life of my own based upon all the limitations given so I've been like a hermit, isolated, reclusive for most of my life.  I want to be more social and thats something I have to face in the years to come, I'm just not used to it or good at it other than online.

The Frontal lobe has a lot to do with emotions and that might be one of my issues.  Laughing and Crying are two things my body doesn't do.  My emotions seem to be burried so deep that only writing about them brings them out.  People in the family used to say that I was Emotionless. Thats something that gets in the way of my relating to women. They seem to want me to be able to laugh,cry and be as emotional as they are. I just can't do it. Being Cool,Calm, Collected,  on Antiseizure meds, Antidepressants, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, thyroid meds, Heart meds, all seem to keep my libido at the point of Zero, and most women I meet do not accept that.

As this year arrived I just have to continue to live like that.

Sorry, I meant 800mg. of Lamictal daily.  I laso have right front temporal lobe and used to have both simple and partial complex siezures.

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