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This was just a very touching and wonderful thing...and what an uplifting thing for those with epilepsy.  Also goes to show how something so small can help in such a big way.  I would never have thought something like kite flying would be such a stress reliever.  Little things really do matter.


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I also seen that it was amazing I was touched by the performance David
Oh thank you for the link. Its a fantastic thing. Indoor kite flying. So when is the season starting.
So we can make sure we all see it live.
I think it has already started...this was on last night from what I understand.
It was on last night and they replayed it tonight.
Really cool! I will have to try and catch this somehow (I missed it both of those nights- this morning was the first I've heard); do they do reruns of this show at all?

There was a family on the show that had siblings with cystic fibrosis, as well, from what I've read on another site & on FB. :) (my daughter has cf as well as epilepsy.)
Its now loaded on the first page after you login on this site David
Yes your rigth as growing up the more they told me not to do things because I have epilepsy the more I did it. This mentality of mine had started when I was at first grade my aunt told my teacher that I cant joined the boyscout. Since then I was branded as a staborn child, but I only learn to push my self to the limit and do what I love to do with lots of prayer faith to suport my dissicion. Now I have a talent in depesive tactics,I am a master bowman, sertified in fire arms. Dont let epilepsy put you down, failure is not the answer, is how we lern to move forward so we can help our self, our family and others,
That's wonderful, Jake, that you didn't let the naysayers stand in your way. A testament to the fact that, in many cases, people CAN do it if they have enough desire to do so. Awesome!
Connor is ours. He is such an inspiration. He speaks for so many of us.

With dignity,grace and purpose he stepped up on stage in front of the world and told the story of so many of us. What can we as a community do to see him succeed in Las Vegas and in life. What can we do to support him;to see him thrive. He has more strength and depth than that one beautiful song. Does he need a choreographer, more equipment,musical help...I know he has love & support from the E communities.

I'm 52 now & was diagnosed when I was 7. I was raised by a single mom. Back in those days divorcee had disreputable connotations and dilantin and phenobarb were about the only drugs available. E was even less understood; the ridicule and cruelty from my classmates was devastating. Add to that a lonely latch key 10 year old on 180 mg of phenobarb a day.There was also alot of anger in that boy who wanted to blend in, or at least stand out in a good way.Being a loner and a voracious reader became ingrained.

In Jr. High I had a counselor who realized that if I had P.E.-or at least some excercise before school that I calmed down, was able to focus, petite mals decreased...life for me was better. Like Connor, I discovered that I had a gift. I was a runner. I had great speed and even better endurance. It was something I could do alone. I was a star at the finish line. All of the other more "physical" "normal" boys couldn't beat me.

In high school I was a county and Nor-Cal champion, cap't of the Cross Country team, held school records in track,trophies, blue ribbons.... Much more importantly I had self esteem and respect from others. This has carried into my adult life as a business owner, athlete, chairman of our towns Parks & Rec Commission, counselor to epileptics trying to enter the work force.

How do we let Connor know that he is not alone on stage-or in life?

I can be reached at www.kimnoble@noblebuilders.com

Bless you Connor- we are all blessed by your gift.
i just thought it was flat out beautiful and with all the stress in my life I could watch that over and over.not get tired of it. DEB
I still tear up everytime I watch this!

I think its important that we let all the kids and others with epilepsy know they aren't alone.

Derrick and I saw a Blind Artist last week. He was fantastic. It was another inspiration. And he taught a couple
of classes at the program we were at. And Derrick got to learn how he learned to do art after he became blind.
Now the big part of this was that he also has epilepsy.


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