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Even thought I have seizures I want to get other people at my school a little bit more info on seizures and what they are and everything. S…

Started by Maria

0 1 hour ago


Will really I had a couple question because I am scared with having seizures and everything. My first question is what do you do if teacher…

Started by Angle Annie Tracy

2 yesterday
Reply by Suzanne Porter

How do you talk to your friends about seizures

All my friend that I can truth I want to tell them about my seizures but when ever I try to bring it up I don't and I start talking about s…

Started by Maria

6 Apr 11
Reply by Sara (:

seizures and teachers

What will you guys do if your teacher thought you were faking a seizure? I was out of it once and want my teacher said is that I better pay…

Started by Maria

4 Mar 13
Reply by Pat Bruce

side effects ( hiccups )

I have been on lots of different seizure medications and had lots of different side effects, but one side effect that is strange is hiccups…

Started by Brian Cassady

0 Mar 2

Yoga and seizures

Can you have a seizures doing yoga? Can yoga help you not have a lot of seizures? 

Started by Maria

2 Feb 15
Reply by Kira Gartner

Red light and Seizures

Can you have a seizure looking at a red light for a long period of time? 

Started by Maria

1 Feb 8
Reply by Suzanne Porter

seizures when tired

Can you have seizures if you are really really tired? I was just wonder if you can or you can't IDK why I was wondering that 

Started by Maria

2 Jan 15
Reply by Kari Lynne Brauer

test and seizures

Can you have a seizure when you are taking a test and not know you just had the seizure I am just wonder and because I think something like…

Started by Maria

2 Jan 15
Reply by Kari Lynne Brauer

Seizures and our teacher

Seizures and our teachers that helps us when we start having a seizures in the class room. How do they really help us when we are in the se…

Started by Annie Tracy ;'(

2 Jan 15
Reply by Kari Lynne Brauer


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