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Why can't I think right at this moment with school and everything? Why can't I remember somebody talking to me about homework or what we we…

Started by Maria

3 on Thursday
Reply by Suzanne Porter


Hey guys :) i just thought it would be nice to have some other teens with epilepsy to talk to rather than my mom :P She helps and all i jus…

Started by Anna Rasque

6 on Tuesday
Reply by Sara (:

Seizures questions I have so many of them that I want to know!

How long does an absences seizure last? Can you hear somebody talking to you if you are having an absences seizure? why do I see a differe…

Started by Maria

2 Oct 15
Reply by Suzanne Porter

Question about hearing people talk

Why didn't I hear my friend when she was talking to me? What do I do and say to my friend when I see her again what am I going to do if she…

Started by Maria

1 Oct 12
Reply by Suzanne Porter

Driving a golf cart with seizures

Can you drive a golf cart if you have seizures?I use to drive a golf cart but now I don't do it any more that much can I still drive one so…

Started by Maria

1 Oct 12
Reply by ACsHuman


What happens if you have a seizure in the hallway or the bathroom when there is nobody there to help you and you fell and can't move after…

Started by Maria

2 Oct 7
Reply by Suzanne Porter

Teachers who have people in class with seizures

Is anything really different with a class if somebody has seizures in it at school?Does the teachers have to do anything different for us?W…

Started by Maria

2 Oct 5
Reply by Suzanne Porter

Purple Day

Is there anything fun you can do on purple day?Do you think my school would let me make like posters and hang them up 4 purple day?

Started by Maria

1 Sep 29
Reply by ACsHuman

trips with school class with seizures

There been some time when we had trip that we could go on as a class and I never went of one because of my seizures.Can you go on trips wit…

Started by Maria

3 Sep 27
Reply by Suzanne Porter

Pills with seizures

If you are on seizure medicine and you go to the doctor and they give you other medicine to get will again can they get in the way with you…

Started by Maria

1 Sep 26
Reply by Suzanne Porter


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